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EFFECT OF TIME OF APPLICATION PHOSPHATE FERTILIZERS (TSP, DAP and NPK) ON THE BEAN PRODUCTION OF NYANGEZI GROUPING EDAPHOCLIMATIC CONDITIONS Authors: MUKANIRWA RUSONGEKA Faustin ([email protected]); BASHAGALUKE BIGABWA Janvier and WALANGULULU MASAMBA Jean. Phosphorus is one of the major problems for the development and crop yields in tropical environments due to the level of soil acidity making it unavailable to plants. Previous researches led by CATALIST have showed that the soil of Nyangezi is deficient in P, hence the necessity of phosphorus supply to answer to the food needs of crops and ensure good increasing and high yield. Another research in Kalehe by MWATSI has showed that the application of P at the planting day has no influence on all the vegetative and yield parameters (settings) and performance. Due to the phosphorus solubility problems, it is important to determine the effective time of the application of phosphate fertilizers, the moment for its availability to the plants. Thus the goal of this study is to assess the moment of application of phosphate fertilizers (TSP, DAP and NPK) on bean production in the soil and climatic conditions of Nyangezi area in order to improve the bean yield and subsequently increase farm income. To this end, an experiment has been set up in Nyangezi area in Walungu territory; split plot design with two factors was adopted. The moment of the fertilizers of application constituted the main factor and types of fertilizers constituted the secondary factor, the application was made three, two, one week before seedling. The increasing, yield, agronomic efficiency and profitability have been assessed (evaluated). Results have showed that the use of phosphorus at a rate of 50kg / ha respectively 668.4 Kg / ha NPK (17% P2O5), 252,5 Kg / ha DAP (46% P2O5), 247 kg / ha of TSP (45% P2O5) influenced the vegetative and yield parameters when it is applied three weeks before seedling. In addition, this application of three weeks before seedling has showed the highest economic profitability, the higher agronomic efficiency.

Keywords: Moment of application, phosphate fertilizers, bean, Nyangezi.

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