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Présenté par Christophe SADIKI KILUBISA
Pour l'obtention du diplôme de Bachelor degree in english language and civilization

An investigation into demotivating factors for English learners. The case of some Bukavu English training centres

Publication : 09 Novembre 2017
In the early 1990’s,  several English training centers opened in different areas of Bukavu city. During this period of war, people from Bukavu were eventually in need of English. T war brought, NGO and these different international organization that in their majority used English. Not only did they speak English, but they set access knowledge of English as condition for offercol them the job. The majority of people in Bukavu were not interested in English itself was set as key for being hired in such NGO. English training centers were opened as a response buy training those who wanted to have access to those jobs. Moreover, is located geographically in a border area surrounded by some countries speaking English. Bukavu is oftern visited by travelers from Anglophone countries, like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc. And for buying or doing business easily in these Anglophone countries people need for the first time to talk in English; which facilities they want to do.

Année académique 2013

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